Fitness options for your needs

Murphy Health & Fitness offers fitness options for seniors, including the Silver Sneakers, Mutually Well, Fitness Your Way, AARP Medicare Supplement, and Silver & Fit programs. We want to make sure you stay fit and healthy well into your golden years!

Daily Living

Besides Silver Sneakers, seniors can also benefit from our functional training programs and equipment that allows you to tailor exercises to your activities of daily living in order to prevent injury or improve performance.


Our seasonal pool also provides a venue for gentle exercise, or may be used as an option to help melt away lingering aches and pain.

FREE 3 Day Guest Pass for Seniors

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Senior 3-Day Pass
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We offer a Medicare Supplement membership for seniors who qualify, that includes a no cost Weekender Membership. This gives you access to our facility on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and includes group fitness class offerings on those days.


To enhance your membership, our Premium Plan is offered for a very low upgrade price that will allow 24/7 access, as well as more options for group fitness.