Why are we building a permanent pool enclosure?

  • Murphy Health and Fitness is blessed with a beautiful beautiful 6 lane lap pool, including a zero-entry and an amazing kid swimming section. The pool was originally designed to be covered with a Pool Dome enclosure during the winter months and to be removed during the summer.
  • Since operating the facility since 2018, we have experienced several difficulties with the Pool Dome making it a priority to build a permanent structure that would cover the pool year-round.
  • Having year-round aquatics at Murphy Health and Fitness is very important to longevity of our business and the community. We believe year-round aquatics should be available for the benefit of swimmers across all ages and ability levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new pool enclosure be completed and the pool will be open for use?

March/April 2022.

Will there still be deck space to lay out in the sun?

Yes – the building was thoughtfully designed to keep all pool users in mind.  There will be plenty of deck space inside and outside of the pool enclosure.

Can the roof be opened?

No, however, the building is designed with 7 extra-large garage doors to be opened during the warmer months so you can have that outdoor pool experience.  Also, the building will have natural translucency, allowing sunlight to flood into the pool area.

Will the pool enclosure be heated during the winter months?

We plan to dehumidify the air.  The heat from the pool water will heat the air, which is a cost-effective way to keep the air temperature comfortable during the colder months.

Why are you adding a dry sauna?

Because of the amazing benefits; improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, stress relief, relief from stiff joints and sore muscles, stronger immune system, and improved mood.

What temperature will you keep the water?

Approximately 78 – 82 degrees year-round

What material will the walls and roof be made of?

The proprietary fabric used is ExxoTec. It is so tough, it’s used in structures in Florida, the Andes Mountains, and northern Alberta.

Will the pool be open year-round now?


Will the pool be open 24/7?

No.  The pool will be open during staffed hours.

Will the summer camps and local swim teams still be able to use the pool?


Project Timeline

Research started for a pool enclosure company/contractor/design/financing for the project.

Murphy Health and Fitness visits Legacy Building Solutions manufacturing facility in Minnesota.

Secured funding for pool enclosure project. Executed final building plans/design with local building contractor Wells and West.

– Will include a Coed Dry Sauna in the pool area

– Will include 7 large garage doors to be opened during the warmer season

– Will include plenty of pool deck space inside and outside of the pool building with plenty of seating

Murphy Health and Fitness executed new 30-year new lease with Cherokee County.

Building prep work to begin.

Legacy Building Solutions to start erecting pool building.

Schedule to open pool and dry sauna.